Julia Farmer

University of West Georgia
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Phone: (678) 839-5954
Email: jfarmer at westga.edu

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, Romance Languages and Literatures, 2006

M.S. Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University, in progress (degree expected December, 2019)

AB Bryn Mawr College, Spanish and Italian, 1999
Summa cum laude with honors in majors.

Director of Ombuds Services, University of West Georgia, 2020-
Interim Faculty Ombuds, University of West Georgia, 2019-2020
Professor of Spanish, University of West Georgia, 2017-
Associate Professor of Spanish, University of West Georgia, 2012-2017
Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of West Georgia, 2007-2012
Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, Oberlin College, 2006-07

Fellowships, Awards, and Grants:
*Textbook Transformation Grant, Affordable Learning Georgia ($15,800), 2019.
*College of Arts and Humanities Excellence in Research Award, 2019.
*Above and Beyond award, UWG Risk Management, 2017.
*Best of the West award, Academic Affairs division, 2017.
*Presidential Development Grant, University of West Georgia, 2015.
*Faculty Research Grant, University of West Georgia, 2008-09.
*Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley. 2005-06
*Jacob K. Javits Fellowship for graduate study in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, U.S. Dept. of Education, 2000-2004.
*Maria L. Eastman Brooke Hall scholarship for junior with highest cumulative GPA, Bryn Mawr College, 1998.
*Elizabeth S. Shippen scholarship for junior majoring in foreign languages, Bryn Mawr College, 1998.
*Elinor Nahm prize for Italian literature, Bryn Mawr College, 1997.
*Elinor Nahm prize for Italian language, Bryn Mawr College, 1996.

Imperial Tapestries: Narrative Form and the Question of Spanish Habsburg Power, 1530-1647. Bucknell University Press, 2016. (Reviewed in Renaissance Quarterly, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, and Cervantes)

Book Edition:
Vega, Lope de. Los mártires de Japón. Ed. and Introd. Christina Lee. Notes Christina Lee and Julia Farmer. Newark, DE: Juan de la Cuesta Press, 2006.

Peer-Reviewed Articles:
Text, Body, and the Early Modern Spanish Literary Field in Three Exemplary Novels of Cervantes.” Romance Quarterly. 

Cervantes, Ariosto, and the Art of Reading.” Hispania 101.1 (2018): 136-142.

Figures of Dialectical Imitation in Góngora´s Major Ovidian Poems.” Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 49.2 (2015): 363-83.

One Need but Go to Rome: Teresa of Avila and the Text/Image Power Play.” Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 42.4 (2013): 390-407

Inscribing Victory: Rivalry and Mise-en-Abyme in Maria de Zayas’s Novella Collections.” MLN 126.2 (2011): 245-58.

The Experience of Exile in Garcilaso’s Second Eclogue.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 88.2 (2011) 161-77.

Disenchanted Castles: Cervantes’ Representation of the Ariostan Epic-Romance Split.” Cervantes XXIX.2 (Fall 2009): 159-72.

Return to Sender: Meta-Epistolary Reflections of Political Disillusionment in Petrarch’s Rerum Familiarium Libri.” Forum Italicum 40.2 (Fall, 2006): 234-50.

“¿Conoces tú el equilibrio? Fashioning a Krausist Gaviota in Galdós’s La Desheredada.” España Contemporánea XVII.2 (2004): 37-51.

Gil, Juan. “Chinos in 16th Century Spain.” Western Visions of the Far East in a Transpacific Age (1522-1671). Ed. Christina H. Lee. Farnham, Sorrey: Ashgate Press, 2012. 139-52.

Book reviews:
Scott, Rachel. Celestina and the Human Condition in Early Modern Spain and Italy. Rochester, NY: 2017. Review forthcoming in Sixteenth Century Journal.

Rodriguez-Guridi, Elena. Exegesis del “error:” Una reinterpretacion de la praxis de escritura en Libro de la vida, Novelas ejemplares y Desenganos amorosos. Hispanic Review.  83.1 (2015): 102-04.

De Valencia, Pedro. Sobre el pergamino y láminas de Granada. Ed. Grace Magnier. Bern: Peter Lang, 2006. Sixteenth Century Journal 40.2 (2009): 590-92.

De Armas, Frederick, ed. Ekphrasis in the Age of Cervantes. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell UP, 2005. Review in Calíope 13.2 (2007): 96-100.

Conference Presentations:
“Fame and Celebrity Culture as Vehicles for Achieving LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes.” USG Teaching and Learning Conference, April 2019.

Self Defense and SelfDefinition: Bodily Rhetoric in the Texts of Eleno/a de Cespedes and Catalina de Erauso.” PAMLA, Pasadena, CA, November 2016.

“The Greatest Perils: Maria de Zayas as Secret Secessionist?” PAMLA, Portland, OR, November 2015

“Montemayor’s Felicia: Friend or Courtly Foe?” Sixteenth Century Society. New Orleans, October 2014.

“Don Quixote at Binche.” Southeast Coastal Conference on Languages and Literatures, Savannah, GA, March 2014.

“Questioning a Feminized Imperial Court in Jorge de Montemayor’s La Diana.” AILCFH conference, Pomona, CA, October 2013.

“Bodies of Discourse and Performance in Cervantes’s Novelas ejemplares.” Renaissance Society of America, Washington, DC, March 2012.

“The Quixotification of Michael Moore.” SAMLA, Atlanta, November 2011.

“Deconstructing Calderonian Honor in Lorca’s La Zapatera Prodigiosa.” Conference on Word/Image/Culture, University of West Georgia, November 2010.

“Shamanism and Myth in Cabeza de Vaca’s Naufragios.” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, April 2010.

“The Novelization of Sancho Panza.” PAMLA, San Francisco, November 2009.

“Góngora’s Ovidian Palimpsests and Poetic Self-Parody.” MLA, San Francisco, December 2008.

“Love Triangles and Mise-en-abyme in Zayas’s novella collections.” GEMELA, Long Beach, CA, October 2008.

“Transformation or Transportation? Dueling Rituals in the Spanish comedia.” MLA, Chicago, December 2007.

“Reading Husband Through Wife: Spousal Politics in Calderón’s La cisma de Inglaterra and Antonis Mor’s Portrait of Mary Tudor.” 23rd Annual International Conference on Literature and the Visual Arts. University of West Georgia, November 2007.

“Performing Ritual in the Spanish chivalric comedia.” Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literature, Madison, WI, October 2007.

“De sola una hora el desatino: Reflections on Exile in Garcilaso’s Second Eclogue.” Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry, Miami, November 2005.

“One need but go to Rome: Teresa of Avila and the Text/Image Power Play.” Renaissance Society of America, Cambridge, England, April 2005.

“Sotto il suo coperto: Rethinking Ariosto’s Encomium to Charles V.” MLA, Philadelphia, December 2004.

“Return to Sender: Meta-Epistolary Reflections of Political Disillusionment in Petrarch’s Rerum Familiarium Libri.” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, April 2004.

“Disenchanted Castles: Cervantes’s Representation of the Ariostan Epic-Romance Split.” MLA, San Diego, December 2003.

“Inter Locos: The Subversion of Textually and Socially Constructed Spaces in María de Zayas’s Disillusionments of Love.” Northern California Renaissance Conference, San José State University, April 2003.

“Social and Textual Enclosure in María de Zayas’s Desengaños amorosos.” Renaissance Society of America, Toronto, March 2003.

Other Conference Activity
Panel Moderator, “Spanish Literary Critique.” Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities, UWG, 2014.

Panel Moderator, “Pícaros, Courtiers, and Matchmakers: Professions in Golden Age Spain.” Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities, UWG, November 2013.

Panel Moderator, “Peninsular Literature II,” PAMLA, San Francisco, November, 2009.

Panel Organizer, “Authorial Self-Representation and the Spanish Golden Age,” MLA, San Francisco, December, 2008.

Panel Moderator, “Spanish Literature I,” International Conference on Love and Sex, UWG, November, 2007.

Teaching Experience: 
University of West Georgia:
SPAN 1001, 1002 Elementary Spanish I and II
SPAN 2001, 2002 Intermediate Spanish I and II
SPAN 3030 Introduction to Hispanic Writers
SPAN 3102 Composition
SPAN 4004 Hispanic Drama
SPAN 4012 Spanish Culture and Civilization
SPAN 4170 Advanced Language Skills
SPAN 4240 Spanish Short Story
SPAN 4280 The Spanish Golden Age
SPAN 4785 El Quijote
SPAN 4785 Gender and the Spanish Novella Tradition
SPAN 4785 The Seductions of Don Juan
SPAN 4484 Senior Capstone
XIDS 2002 Fame and Celebrity Culture

Oberlin College:
HISP 309. Survey of Spanish Literature I: Imperial Spectacles.
HISP 420: Gender and the Spanish novella tradition.
HISP 203. Intermediate Spanish II.
HISP 202. Intermediate Spanish I.
Private reading (independent study). Directed a student in readings of 20th-century Italian novels.

University of California, Berkeley:
Spanish 1. First-semester Spanish.
Spanish 2. Second-semester Spanish.
Spanish 4. Composition/ Advanced-intermediate Spanish.
Spanish 25. Introduction to Reading and Literary Analysis.

French tenure-track search committee, 2007-08.
Adviser, Phi Sigma Iota, 2008.
International film series committee, 2008-2010.
Study Abroad Committee, 2008-2011.
Co-Director, SAP, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2008-09
Co-Director and Co-Founder, SAP, Costa Rica, 2009-10
Director, International Conference on History and Fiction, 2009.
Curriculum Committee, 2009-2013 (Chair, 2009-10).
Member, Budget Committee, Spring 2010-Fall 2010
Founder and Director, SAP Costa Rica 2010-11.
Member, FLL Department Chair search committee, 2010-2011.
Spanish Section Coordinator, Spring 2011-Spring 2016
SACS group, Spring 2011.
Chair, Spanish tenure-track search committees, 2008-09, Fall 2011, 2012-13.
Member, Spanish tenure-track search committee, Spring 2012.
Spanish instructor search committees, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (committee chair).
Acting Department Chair, summer 2013.
Chair, Third-Year Review Committee for Lisa Connell, 2014.
Organizer, Phi Sigma Iota Induction, Dept Honors Ceremony, 2014.
Third-year Review Committee for Jeffrey Zamostny, 2014.
Third-year Review Committee for Yvonne Fuentes, 2015
Member, Search Committee for Departmental Assistant, 2015.
Chair, Third-Year Review Committee for Betsy Dahms, 2015
Chair, Tenure and Promotion Committee for Yvonne Fuentes, 2015.
Member, Tenure and Promotion Committee for Lisa Connell, 2015.
Dept. liaison to COE and advisor to Spanish teacher cert students, 2015-16
Co-Director, SAP Costa Rica, 2015-16
Chair, Tenure and Promotion Committee for Betsy Dahms, 2016
Chair, FLL Policy Committee, 2016-
Third-Year Review Committee for Ana Zapata-Calle, 2017
Chair, Dept Chair Review Committee, 2019
Chair, Textbook Development Committee , 2019-

College and University:
Undergraduate Academic Programs Committee, Spring 2008.
Learning Resources Committee, 2008-10.
Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, 2008-09
Judge, Research Day (Humanities Division), 2009, 2013.
RPG Guide, 2010-2011
Director, Research Day, Humanities Division, 2011, 2012.
Institutional Studies and Planning Committee, Spring 2011.
Faculty Senate Undergraduate Programs Committee, 2012-15 (Chair, 2014-15)
UPC General Education Subcommittee, 2012-14.
Member, College of Arts and Humanities Dean’s Review Committee, 2015.
Faculty Senate Chair-Elect, Summer-Fall 2015.
Faculty Senate Chair, Spring 2016-Spring 2018
President’s Advisory Council, 2016-18
Administrative Council, Spring 2016-18
Discuss list policy committee, Fall 2016
Policy task force, Fall 2016-
IT Steering Board, 2016-18
Student Fees committee, Spring 2017-
Teaching track policy committee, Summer 2017
Campus Carry implementation team, Summer 2017
Comprehensive Administrative Review team, Spring 2018
General Education Assessment Committee, Spring 2018-
COAH Parliamentarian, Fall 2018-
COAH Tenure and Promotion Committee, Fall 2018-
Provost’s Summer Symposium: LEAP 2.0, July 2018
OneUWG Committee, 2018-

Professional and Community:
Moderator, Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, February 2008.
Reader, AP Spanish language exam, 2008.
Focus Group Participant, Heinle Publishers, 2008.
Textbook reviewer, Wiley Publishers (ongoing)
Judge, Foreign Languages Declamation Contest, East Coweta High School, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017.
Peer review for Calíope: Journal of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry, 2010
Peer review for La Corónica: A Journal of Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, 2011
Peer review for Letras Hispanas: Revista de Literatura y Cultura, 2015
External reviewer for promotion candidate, Princeton Univ., 2015
Peer review for Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, 2016
Peer review for Hispanofila, 2016
Invited participant, Tri-Co Roundtable discussion on Career Paths in Academia for Spanish Majors, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges, April 2018.
Peer review for Hispania, 2018

Additional Professional Development:
Association for Conflict Resolution Conference, Tucson, September 2019.
Ombuds Office Assessment and Strategies for Culture Change,  Savannah, GA, June 2019.
USG Title IX investigation training, Nov. 2018
Leadership Development Institute, UWG, 2016-2018
Georgia State University Conflict Resolution Symposium, 2017
Summer Institute on Conflict Management in Higher Education, 2017.
ADFL Summer Seminar, 2017
ACTFL OPI training, Brigham Young University, 2015